What is the Community Hub?

For a number of years the members making up the Community Hub team have been supporting people and business in our local Communities in various ways. Some of us have worked as Senior Directors, some as Business Coaches, some as Counsellors and others as Programme Managers for Community health related activities. All of us have run our own businesses too.

We are fortunate to have found (or attracted) a good cohort of confidants into a community of practice, be it life or work. We talk, collaborate and move forwards, together, in fact we build collective resilience which, for us, is about our ability to withstand life’s challenges. We have discovered the power of having good conversations.

Today, in our ‘People and Business Matters’ Social Enterprise programmes we support people to successfully develop their Personal, Business and Career ambitions. We deliver this in various ways, but most especially by sponsoring local ‘Community Hubs’.

In doing so we not only support People and Business, but within the local Community, we encourage community growth and cohesion.  We do this by providing a regular physical space where people can come together, have good conversations and learn from each other. Call it Peer Support in action, or a Community of Practice where the people involved have something of value to offer one another and share, to enable best practice in our Personal, Career, Business and Community lives.

Creating Sustainable and Healthy Communities

We support the local Community Interest Company The Adept Living Foundation (ALFCIC), with whom we share an interest in building communities that are sustainable and healthy across all domains of life and this is our primary focus.sustainability

We know that when people are connected with other people in their communities, they thrive. In fact, community connection is a vital nutrient for human survival.

In order to function in an effective way, communities must consider their ‘people, profits and planet’. In other words, we must take care of ourselves and others, ensure that we are able to support ourselves economically through business, and look after our environment.

These are the areas that we focus on in our community endeavours.

Community Gatherings and Learning

The hub facilitates in one day a range of activities covering :

  • Social and Community Development – a range of events where you can meet with like-minded individuals within your community
  • Personal Development – Peer Support and Resilience Building Programmes; Personal Development workshops and one to one counselling and personal coaching
  • Business and Career Development – Business Coaching Surgeries; Corporate and Enterprise coaching programmes and workshops; Career Support and Business Networking

For more information please look at the events page on this site – see you in the hub !