Risk is something we assess and take comfortably each day. We humans are hardwired to do so. Your next hub day is focused on risk.

Most of us have grown up with the idea that risk is associated with the ‘likelihood that we will suffer harm or a loss’. Understandably that can make us feel anxious, yet there are two things we should keep in mind:

  1. There is also an upside to risk (i.e. business people make more profits, & individuals enjoy life more).
  2. Once we know what our attitude to risk is there are things that we can do to minimise it, we call this mitigation.

During the course of this Hub day you will be able to listen to and discuss with a psychologist what your risk profile is – we will help you as individual find out if you are ‘Risk Seeking’, ‘Risk Neutral’ or ‘Risk Averse’ and for a business (or future business person) if you are a ‘Prospector’, or an ‘Analyser’  ‘Reactor’ or ‘Defender’. None of these are better or worse than the other, but they do guide what action you might take towards:

  • Moving beyond self-limiting beliefs about risk & enjoying your life
  • Keeping your banking online secure
  • Insuring and maintaining your home, car and pets
  • Assuring your life
  • Building and Managing your income or pension & other investments

For businesses we will discuss Risks and their management across three broad headings:

  • Business Risks:
    • Strategic – a good business plan that identifies & addresses risk like competitors
    • Operational – ensuring good housekeeping & property management & managing IT risks
    • Hazards – Keeping you and your staff Healthy & Safe
  • Financial:
    • Managing your risk of non-payment from customers
    • Protecting your cash, currency & interest rates
    • Having in place a ‘Business Continuity Plan’
  • Compliance:
    • Employee Legislation
    • Tax rules
    • Business Rates

In addressing your risks your will be introduced to a very elegant model, TARA.

This is a light-hearted look at how easily we can address risk and lead secure, confident lives. The topics suggested are intended to get us to look at how we can do so with more ease and it is hoped you will find other risks that you may wish to manage and reduce during the course of the day. If you do our panel of expert sponsors will be on hand.


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