Valuing the French Connection


Your Hub Hosts, whilst acknowledging the division of (sometimes bitter) opinion over Brexit, are beyond stoic and remain positively pre-disposed to the positive ways in which community, that is togetherness, can respond to all kinds of challenges successfully without needing government initiative.

Therefore, we have decided to adopt a project policy initiative (for that read ‘fun talking point’) named after the French for ‘Do-It-Yourself’ i.e. ‘Bricolage’

Bricolage is the creation of action from a diverse range of ideas and amalgamation of unrelated knowledge, and experiences to bring novel solutions to existing challenges. It is innovation in action.

Your Hub plans to hold a day focused on ‘Creating Creativity’ but for now believes it serves up Bricolage by enabling ‘Good Conversations’ and ‘Peer Support’, bedrocks of co-operation that lead to:

  • Sharing of knowledge and resources
  • Careful observation, listening and commentary
  • Trusting one another’s and one’s own ideas
  • Providing kindly feedback to enable personal development

The next hub day is on Wednesday 19th October :

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