Beyond Brexit


Your Hub hosts, between them, recently chaired and spoke at a meeting about ‘Post-Brexit 2020 onwards’.

Whilst the debate was intended to be focused on the response to the challenges, it was evident from the speakers that there is still a great deal of uncertainty, even fear. Your hosts do not need to explain that part of the debate, which is already well aired.

Instead, our focus is on how remain resilient, be that personally, in business and most especially in the community. Your hosts are confident that by being diverse, inclusive and accessible, and by facilitating ‘good conversations’ and ‘peer support’, we will not only gel together, but also develop together.

This is essential to our future (Post-Brexit is irrelevant, as we will always have external challenges to face, this is just the current one) 2020 onwards, will be one in which the Government does less for us (public sector employment is set to reduce) and we will do more for ourselves (self-employment will increase).

This self-employment will be at two levels; skilled knowledge workers (‘Consultants’) and contracted flexible workers, who provide necessary but non-core services (Contractors). Charles Handy described this beautifully in his idea of the ‘Shamrock Organisation’ in which the flexible (resilient?) firms will have employed core workers (Staff), supplemented by additional contingent Consultants and Contractors.

Those Consultants and Contractors may be somewhat small and lonely (by definition they will be small and micro business) and may need a place to belong, develop and feel supported and advised; your Hub intends to meet that need.

Keith outlines what he spoke about here:

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