Healthy and Balanced; Stress to Success


Last month at the Community Hub we heard from two women entrepreneurs about their experiences of running a business and what inspired them to do so. In the afternoon we heard about the importance of making a commitment to our business and career development. We learned how to overcome procrastination and apathy by following through on our business plans and taking action.

We all left, having made a promise to ourselves to carry out at least one commitment and set out the steps and a timescale within which it would be completed. The group would then hold each other to account next month – this is one role of the Community Hub.

Being the diligent type, I can report honestly, that I did follow through on my promise and, as a result, I now have an experience behind me which has improved my confidence, propelled my motivation, and increased my contacts and connections!

A promise that we would all benefit from making to ourselves, is a commitment to our own welfare. When we are busy, we can sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. This is ironic, since it is when we are at our busiest that we really need to be in optimal physical, mental and emotional condition.

Whether we are parents or carers, business owners, voluntary workers, or professionals of any kind, it is crucial that we, not only look after ourselves, but demonstrate to others the importance of self-care.

As parents/ carers or workers, of any kind, in the caring and healing professions, we have a duty of care to those whom we care for and the best way to do so, is to lead by example. As our children learn about self-care by following our example, so do our clients, colleagues, friends and employees. I know my own sons have already begun following my lead about taking ‘time out’ when needed and my eldest (at 14 years of age) always puts himself to bed, lights out, by 9pm every night, regardless of what else is going on in the house or what his brothers are doing. He knows, that doing this improves the way he feels in the morning, and his performance at school.

As small business owners, we are often the only one in our business who is doing the work. Not only do our customers need us to be consistent and reliable, our income also depends upon our ability to do the job. Hence, we need to ensure that we are looking after our physical bodies and ensuring we are calm and balanced emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We need to build regular time out and downtime into our plan. It doesn’t have to be weeks, even short breaks make a big difference.

If we run larger businesses or hold senior positions at work, we have a duty of care towards our staff, as we do towards our children. Our employees look up to us to provide stability and strong leadership, and our customers want to see ethical organisations who value their staff and their welfare.

Most of all though, we all want to be able to live contented and fulfilled lives and have all of our needs met. For this, we need to build resilience for ourselves, our families, our businesses and our communities. By taking care of our minds, bodies and emotions, we build resilience within our whole system, that helps us to maintain balance and ‘bounce back’ quickly from events and unexpected incidents.

The theme of this month’s Community Hub is ‘Health and Wellness’. We are very pleased to have a number of guest speakers taking part in the morning plenary session. They will be offering their expertise across a range of health and lifestyle issues and topics including exercise, nutrition, diet and complementary therapies.

In the afternoon we have a workshop by two of our sponsors from the counselling and coaching professions talking about how you can turn your ‘stress into success’ and become more aware and resilient.

However, it’s not all serious – we have a professional make-up artist and reflexologist offering subsidised tasters for you, as well as some goodies for you to purchase, if you wish. We will also have a stand where there will be a range of health and wellness products available for you to sample and find out more about.

The Community Hub days are intended to add value, yet always have a light hearted feel, as we believe passionately that enjoying what we do is paramount to our success in any endeavour.

You can drop in for a part or all of the day. For more information please visit the website : contact Emma Jaynes on : or 07791 520388. We also have hubs in Bedford, and soon in Cambridge. We will look forward to meeting you.

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