Warming Up Creativity

Your Hub hosts recently attended a number of networking meetings (it is good to mingle) and it was pointed out that the opportunity to meet at the Hub could inspire creativity.

We were quietly pleased that had been noticed, as we trust that in having good conversations, creativity will be nurtured through:
1. Surrounding ourselves with new friends, surroundings and concepts.
2.Broadening our ideas and understanding through gentle and fun education, on areas outside of our own expertise.
3. Challenging ideas, assumptions and of course self-limiting beliefs. Brainstorming is such fun!
4. Capturing our developing awareness and new focuses, sometimes called aspirations, so bring a pen and a small booklet.
With warm encouragement to you all this beautiful summer.
Please join us at the next Community Hub Day : Wednesday 14th September – Hitchin Community Hub Day- Sun Hotel

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