Wholesome Planning and Effective Action

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It has to be said, women are the glue that keeps community, not just together, but stuck to or focused on task.

Whilst your hub continues to stick to purpose (encouraging growth through interaction and good conversations), we will engage with and deepen that theme by checking and appreciating out the role women play in our community.

And so the focus of the next hub is how we can all profit and benefit from the nurturing, holistic approach that is, quite rightly associated with the female way of doing things. We will therefore look at the ways in which we, as a community, can inspire our youth and lead entrepreneurship, in business, work, hobbies or learning – indeed anything that adds value to the group or an individual. That’s profit!

Your hub will also recognise, that healthy planning, which must, by definition, take the needs of all the enterprises stakeholder’s into account (a stakeholder is simply anyone who has an interest in any endeavour) also needs a good dose of masculine ‘action’ to bring the desired ‘result forth or into fruition’, which simply put means ‘get in there’ (or GOAL!)

At the last hub your hosts heard a great discussion about the meaning of healing. For us it is the ‘the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again’ We believe that seeing wholesome goals and taking effective action we make us sound.

Come along to some or all of the day, on the 14th  of next month https://communityhub.live/wednesday-14th-september-hitchin-community-hub-day-sun-hotel.

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