The Triple Bottom Line

2016-08-11 09.59.27

The Community Hub on Thursday, as part of the ‘People & Business Matters’ program, continued to explore the ideas behind the Triple Bottom Line (‘TBL’) that measure our community success through:

  • PROFIT – how we create value through providing goods & services to each other, make £s and build our careers
  • PEOPLE – how we interact, support each other, pass on knowledge and skills and share experiences through good conversations.
  • PLANET – the way we take care of ourselves now, without compromising the ability of future generations

Underpinning what we do is the idea of ‘Wellness’ or how healthily we approach our challenges and growth. Your Hub Facilitators are seeking your input into how we meet Community and Individual Wellness, building on the key components which we see as:


o   Engaging in meaningful occupation; business, careers, work or caring

o   Being a valued and respected employer and employee

o   Pursuit of hobbies, academic study, interests outside of occupation

o   Building meaningful and trusted contacts


o   Social wellness through connections, closeness, relationships, diversity & fun

o   Emotional wellness by exploring ideas & resolving concerns via resiliency

o   Intellectual wellness through debate, discussion and sharing new concepts

o   Physical wellness through food, exercise and stretching

o   Healthy growth by having a philosophy to life that makes good sense


o   Being conscious of our planets limited resources

o   Taking time to be aware of the beauty in our natural world

o   Recycle, conserve, reuse and nurture

o   Creating a calm, clean environment at home, in work and outside too

What can or would you add?


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