Turn Up, Tune In

One of the enduring qualities of a community is to be ever present, especially during times of change. Indeed, at ‘every turn’ exactly as the Byrds sung for us, there is a time, for example, to heal, to plant and to reap.

The current focus of your Community Hub is on that new growth, by helping us all to:

  1. Understand our current situation
  1. Dream our (personal or collective) vision for the future
  1. Plan the journey forward
  1. Take action

If you have ‘good conversations’ with each other, your hosts are confident you will also hold each other to ‘account’ for sensibly delivering on your plans, and in doing so to find that there is a ‘time to laugh, celebrate, mourn and complete’.

Our ambition is that your Community will support you through each of those turns.

Please see the events page on this website for information on where you can find us over the next few weeks!


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