Developing your Community Hub


People & Business Matters
Thank you for attending the Community Hub Day. Like all good collaborations it was both interesting and useful to receive and appreciate your aspirations, wishes and challenges. The Community Hub Day is an opportunity to invest and share time, skills and insights and build your personal and professional resilience. This what you conveyed:
1. In general
It seems you all appreciated the laid back, informal, ‘plenty of time’ approach that allowed you to have good conversations and start to get to know each other. It seems that leads you to feel more confident with each other, which will of course lead to even greater sharing. So making connections and allowing both time and content for those connections to be deepened will be an essential component of all of your Hubs.
Sharing basic business skills, experiences and stories seemed to help you all start to imagine a new set of ways of doing things or new friends to do them with.
2. People
As social creatures you enjoyed exploring hobbles, health and wellbeing and local news. Many of you found you already had common interests and connections. You liked the idea of building new skills and some have asked to explore the meaning of ‘Empowerment’ which will be the theme of the next workshop.
3. Business
As commercial creatures (and be clear running a home is vital business for humanity’s prosperity) you liked the idea of having access to trusted advisors and mentors with whom you could explore your doubts, express your dreams and develop new skills. You wondered how you could go about deepening connections and making reciprocal contacts. That pleased and inspired us and we propose to explore that further too.
Good Conversations enabled us to identify themes for the next Hub being empowered and confident enough to share and reciprocate seems a great way to deepen community. Thank you and see you on the 11th August in Hitchin.



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